Finds for Fall: Wardrobe Update

It’s only been seven weeks since Amelia was born, but I’m dying to get some new clothes to refresh and update my wardrobe. I recently did a closet clean out (which felt amazing!) and realized I’m in need of some new threads. I keep my clothes a long time (I actually still have an eyelet skirt from middle school), but I have to admit, I always look forward to adding a few new items to the mix each fall. And it’s never too early to purchase them.


Lucky for me, my desire for post baby wardrobe update comes just as the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started. Last year, I picked a sweater from Halogen that I wear non-stop.



I’ve looked forward to this sale since I was a little kid. Even when we lived in Mexico, we would often time our visits to see family around the sale – back then they didn’t have a lot of stores to shop at. As an adult, I still look forward to this incredible sale. My main focus each anniversary sale is to pick up the basics that I’ll wear all year long – JEANS, SNEAKERS, SWEATERS. Then I look to see if there are any additional items to add – maybe a COAT or BOOTS, but every year is different.



I’ve collected a few items that I thought looked outstanding this year. The savings are considerable and it’s always fun to start thinking about the fall wardrobe. You can link on the items and go directly to the sale to buy them for yourself. The sale ends August 6 – shop now because some pieces I was humming and hawing over are gone. Happy Anniversary Shopping!

New Kid on the Block: Modern Citizen

One thing I’ve been trying to do this summer is discover new places in the city since we aren’t traveling. I’m so excited about the new shop that opened in San Francisco – Modern Citizen (if you don’t live in the Bay Area don’t fret, their online shop is amazing!). I went last week and wanted nearly everything in the shop. I ended up with three tops – a black mock turtleneck with flared sleeved, a sweatshirt with an open back, and a sleeveless white ruffled blouse. I honestly could have purchased so much more! I love the clean line, monochromatic neutral colors, and the prices just can’t be beat.

They also have a well-curated selection of home items that will knock your socks off! I think this will be a wildly successful company and I am so thrilled they have opened in San Francisco.

You can find the new Modern Citizen shop nestled in the Marina. Add it to your weekend to-do list!

2070 Union Street
Open 9 – 5 PM

Beauty: Skin Renewal on Sacramento Street

I’m always finding new to me places on Sacramento Street that entice me to try them out. One thing I’ve come to realize with motherhood is taking the time to carve out an hour or so for “me time.” I decided to try a place I had heard was amazing but hadn’t had the opportunity to try out.

Skin Remedy is tucked away behind one of the houses on the street. As I walked in, I felt myself completely relax in the soothing and clean surroundings. White walls contrasted to the natural woods used in the décor. And with products that are completely safe for every customer, my mind was put at ease as well.

The philosophy behind Skin Remedy is to focus on healing each person’s skin type and condition with custom made products from their own raw ingredients. I had the Botnia’s Skin Remedy Facial and left feeling refreshed and restored – something I realized I should do more often. My skin glowed after the facial and felt clean and mended.

Escape the stress and step into Skin Remedy for an incredible spa experience. You can find them at 3638 Sacramento Street in Pacific Heights or book your appointment at I’ve already got my next appointment in my calendar!

Welcome Sweet Amelia

On June 5th, our family grew with the addition of our sweet Amelia. It feels as if she has always been with us – we are all so happy she is here! Jackson has shown his tender and loving side and showers her with kisses (and much to our chagrin, licks!) and tries to comfort her when she is crying.

Amelia looks so much like Jackson did when he was this age (see resemblance here) but her personality seems different. I can already see the difference between having a boy and a girl! She has been such an easy baby (knock on wood) – something I wasn’t expecting but have happily embraced. It probably feels easier due to the fact that she breastfed immediately, something I struggled with with Jackson. Its amazing how fast they grow. There are moments when I can’t believe she’s already a month old. We are trying to enjoy every minute, as we know this time passes so quickly. My days were definitely spent on the sofa gazing into Amelia’s eyes!

Thanks for being understanding with my absences on posting. It was a treat taking a little quality time off to take in this transition to a family of four. To everyone that has been sending their sweet comments on instagram – thank you!

I’ve got some great posts in the making – new SF finds, tabletop inspiration, interior projects to share and much more!

Photos by Andrea Posadas