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I’m Loving . . .

I never tire of open shelving – every single image I come across of open shelving brings on a new love affair with it. The contrast of the white/neutral tones against the black makes it look even more chic.

The sun has been shining here and if it stays this way I’m going to make this wardrobe my staple look. It’s perfect for running around the city.

When I came across this recipe my mouth started watering – this lasagna is making an appearance in my kitchen when the city is engulfed in fog.

I’ve got a huge crush on these No. 6 clogs. I think I’ve been lusting after them for far too long and it’s high time I make a special place for them in my closet. This chestnut color is divine and pretty much perfect for fall.

You probably get sick of me talking about a few things that I wish I could change about our apartment – the kitchen and bathroom fixtures in particular. This bathroom mirror is perfection. Paired with the white subway tile and unique sink – this bathroom definitely has my name written all over it!

On another note, today I was quoted in The Wall Street Journal talking about the Alameda Flea Market. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen but that day has come. I’m over the moon right now!

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I’m Loving . . .

The packing has began for New York, and as I rummage through my closet to find clothes appropriate for the steamy weather out east, these outfits are my source of inspiration.

When it comes to humidity my hair doesn’t cooperate – it will start to frizz, get big and then look weird. Both of these hairstyles will be my go-tos this weekend. Having it pulled back, but in a chic way, is the best way to keep it under control.

After this long work week of getting everything squared away before heading on vacation, I’m wishing we had a bathtub so I could come home at night and relax in a warm tub. Someday…but for now I’ll keep dreaming.

These two tumblr sites have my mind all aflutter with inspiration – brought to you by the ever so lovely Miss Moss. One for fashion and the other for interiors. What more could a girl ask for? If you’re looking for inspiration or in the mood to pin awayclick fast because she’s outdone herself!

I’ve been obsessing over this Clare Vivier messager bag – it’s simple, chic and down right perfection. It’s on the top of my wish list for fall. The only problem is . . . what color to get? Cognac? Navy? Black? or Gray?
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