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I was so excited and honored when Caitlin ask me to write a guest post. I’m a makeup artist here in the Bay Area and one of my occupational hazards is an obsession with all things beauty! Caitlin and I were at a photo shoot and started talking about what our “perfect” medicine chest would look like . . . I decided to create my perfect holiday medicine chest and allow you to peek inside it. I hope it helps you look all the more dazzling this season.

1) Komenuka Bijin foaming cleanser and Silver cream moisturizer. I have used both of these products for years. The foaming cleanser takes off all your makeup and foams WAY up. You feel like you are washing your face with whipped cream. To have any makeup look great your skin needs to be clean and balanced…this face wash offers both things. I always finish with the Silver cream. This is a rice kernel based line made in a sake factory in Japan. The Silver cream is hydrating without being at all heavy and it leaves your skin glowing with a dewy finish. Movie star skin, supermodel skin, the skin you always wanted…

2) Botot toothpaste. I just bought this at Gravel and Gold in San Francisco and I love brushing my teeth now. First of all it’s bright pink which just makes me happy and it tastes yummy. A little licorice bite to it.

3) Skin and Bones luxurious face body hair oil. This product was just sent to me by its maker/inventor Heidi about a month ago and I can’t get enough of it. It is packed with luxury oils from Jojoba to Cedar wood. Its a bit much for my face but it is my new favorite go to body oil. The smell of it is sooooooo good that I recently started using a little on the ends of my hair too. I also love the packaging, it’s sort of old apothecary meets goth girl.

4) Patch NYC and Soap and Paper Factory candle in the Buck scent. The Soap and Paper Factory is this wonderful little company owned by two women who make solid perfumes, bath product and candles. As a rule they make pretty girly (but great) stuff. Enter Patch NYC a clothing company owned by two guys. Put these two forces together and voila you have the perfect “mandles”. Woodsy, earthy, and very sophisticated all at the same time. I love to burn the Buck candle while I put on my lip color it just feels RIGHT!

5) White japanese bobby pins. I love bobby pins. They are my secret tool both personally and when I am doing hair on set but I hate cheap ones. My favorite are these tiny white ones that you can work into any hairdo. They last forever and they don’t get all bent out of shape.

6) Serge Lutens Paris scent in Fluers D’Oranger. I bought this scent for myself about 8 months ago at Barneys and I have never before been told how good I smell quite as much! I have a really sensitive nose so when I find a perfume I love I kind of become obsessed with it. The thing about the Serge Lutens scents is that there are about fifty of them and each one is better than the next. I told Santa I wanted both my Fluers D’Oranger (a bright fresh orange blossom scent) and A La Nuit (a deep mysterious night blooming Jasmine). I hope Santa knows what’s good for him and delivers the goods!

7) Tom Ford lipsticks in Pure Pink and Ginger Fawn. I tried to resist buying these lip colors because they are pricey but I lost the battle (as I often do when it comes to cosmetics) and I have never looked back. The texture and pigment in these colors is off the charts great. I love hot pink lips on almost everyone. Its sort of a beginners red. My new lip obsession for the holidays and into spring is all mutations of the orange lip. The Ginger Fawn is a beautiful persimmon orange that seems to look great on lots of gals. It is not to bright and not to coral. Basically if you never thought you could wear an orange you can wear this one. Go and get these two colors. With lots of black mascara and a swipe of either of these you are holiday party hotness!

8) Diorshow Extase mascara in black. I know, I know everyone is sick of makeup artists recommending this mascara but I have to. It’s just that good. It gives you length and volume and a deep inky blackness that makes one feel like a movie star/beat poetess all at once. For evening I like to do at least two coats and use the end of the brush to just slightly hit the bottom lashes.

9) RGB nail polish in Too Red. This is the perfect orangey red. It has a little of a 1970s Virginia Slims ad feel to it. Picture long feathered hair, a three piece boy cut suit and these nails. I like three coats of this polish. It is a small line out of Los Angeles that is toluene and formaldehyde free and they are always coming up with amazing new colors. You will be come a collector.

10) Herringbone leather neccesaire bag. These makeup bags are so cool that you will probably start using it as your evening clutch. They come in two sizes and are locally made. The leather is so creamy soft and it comes in a shiny silver and gorgeous orange. I carry my own makeup in one every day and it only gets better the more you use it.

So if I was stocking your bathroom with the goods for holiday this is how I would start. Have fun and put a little lipstick on!

~ Shawn

Thank you SO much Shawn for this lovely beauty post – I definitely know what I’m introducing into my medicine cabnient this season! Hopefully some husbands are reading this post and running out to buy all of us a few of these amazing products.

Sacramento Street readers, Shawn is available for private consultations and holiday makeup application and can be contacted at I highly recommend getting a private consultation – it’s worth every penny!

1. Komenuka Bijin foaming cleanser
2. Botot toothpaste from Gravel and Gold
3. Skin and Bones oil from Skin and Bones
4. Patch Candles from Home 101 in Berkeley
5. White bobby pins from Herringbone Shop
6. Serge Lutens Fleur D’Oranger Eau de Parfum from Barneys New York
7. Tom Ford lipsticks from Neiman Marcus
8. Diorshow Extase from Saks Fifth Avenue
9. RGB polish from RGB Cosmetics
10. Herringbone bag from Erica Tanov

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  1. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    I love beauty post, they always allow me to discover great new products!

  2. StylishBird

    These are great picks! I love learning about new (to me) products…ordering the foaming face wash asap!