I’m Loving . . .

Street Style

I love an all black look – this plaid jacket is on my wishlist.

living room

All the details about this living room are perfection.

hot cocoa and cinnamon sticks

On these cold rainy nights we’ve been indulging in delicious cups of hot cocoa. I think we might need to make these cinnamon sticks to go with them.


Holiday wrapping is one of my favorite things – I love finding beautiful paper, ribbon, and coming up with details that will set our gifts apart.


Lastly, I’ve been having some serious wanderlust. Wishing we could jump on a plane to Paris right now – I love it there this time of year!

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  1. kristin

    love that plaid jacket.

  2. lauren s

    such a beautiful collection of images.

    have you seen the plaid coat option for ASOS? It’s close-ish to the one that you featured (although with a less exaggerated plaid). good luck on your hunt!


  3. Ann

    Wow–life through the eyes of a designer! Lucky recipients of your cards/gifts!

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