Sacramento Street Smarts: Our Go-To White Paints


As many of us know, selecting a paint color can be one of the most overwhelming and nerve wracking decisions of all time. WHY on EARTH are there so many options? Who knew that a seemingly simple desire for white walls could spiral into the most complicated process of sorting through thousands of color variations?

If you share any of the same sentiments, we hope that this post lifts a bit of the burden with some of our pre-vetted favorite white paints.

Caitlin Flemming Design - Dining Room | Photo by Bess Friday

One of our immediate go-tos is always Benjamin Moore’s Mountain Peak White. It’s a warm and dreamy white that serves as a beautiful and classic wall color. We used it above in Caitlin’s dining room (above) and we love the tranquil but radiant vibe it gives off.

BM_white heron

Another great option is Benjamin Moore’s White Heron (above). It’s an ever-so-slightly off-white that is incredibly versatile and calming–which is perhaps why it works especially well on kitchen cabinets!


Crystal Haze from Dunn Edwards (above) is a beautiful option for an off-white. It has some tannish undertones, making it not quite as stark as a more traditional white. It’s a serene and sophisticated color if you’re looking something on the darker end of the white spectrum.

If those aren’t enough to convince you, here’s a collection of six of our go-to whites:


Stay tuned for future Sacramento Street Smarts for more design tips and tricks!

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Written by Ali Hartwell for Sacramento Street

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