Blooms in Season: November

Blooms in Season - Sacramento Street x Natalie Bowen Design 1

This week in San Francisco, the weather has taken quite a turn and the air is finally crisp and cold. This is the perfect time to change the look of flowers to a more moody and romantic style for your home. Natalie hit this look out of the ballpark – I swooned when I saw this particular mix of flowers!  I am usually one who buys white flowers or greenery and that’s about it. But lately, the dark flowers that look like the color of a glass of pinot noir are something I’m gravitating towards.  Notice the extraordinary vines creep out of the arrangement – perfection! The use of a stone urn is also in keeping with the season.  All-in-all this is what I would consider the perfect grouping of flowers.

Sacramento Street x Natalie Bowen Design 6
What was your inspiration behind this moody fall arrangement?
I am loving the contrast of light and dark right now and so I decided November was the perfect time to play around with these two ends of the color spectrum. We are moving in to daylight savings and the days are shorter, but the daylight we do have is golden and luminescent. I love the light this time of year! The protea especially captivated me, so I grabbed those first and built the look around them.

Sacramento Street x Natalie Bowen Design 3Sacramento Street x Natalie Bowen Design 4
I love the use of the proteca, are the seasonal or can you find them year round?
The banksia are a type of protea and they are a native of Australia. They actually grow quite well in the Bay Area and since we have a mild climate they can grow during most of the year. Since the Southern hemisphere has the opposite season they are imported at the SF Flower Mart almost year round.

Sacramento Street x Natalie Bowen Design 5

With the weather feeling more crisp, what types of flowers will be in season? Any favorites you love using?
I’m finding that my arrangements are becoming more simple this time of year. I often use a branch and then only one type of flower, rather than mixing a lot of different flowers. In California we are getting the very end of the summer flowers so I find myself tending towards the branches and berries are so pretty that they can easily stand alone to make a statement. It will make the blooms that much more special when they come back in to season early spring.

I love using branches this time of year – what are two of your go to’s?
Pastiche, bittersweet and maple are all varieties I find myself using a lot during this month.

Sacramento Street x Natalie Bowen Design 2

Since everyone is thinking about their thanksgiving centerpiece/arrangement, could you give everyone a few tips on what they should look out for or think about? 
Setting the table was always my favorite part of the holiday meal when I was a child and it still is. I would hand-make my place cards and carefully chose who sat at which place setting. Now, I tend to think about the overall look of the table and while I’ve grown up a bit, I still think there are a few key details to keep in mind when planning the floral decor for your holiday table. My top list includes:

1. Keep the florals low so people can see across the table. If you put your elbow on the table and lift your hand straight up, the arrangement should be no taller than your finger tips at the tallest point.

2. Don’t use any scented flowers. I adore having fragrant flowers in my home yet I know so many people are allergic to scented flowers of all kinds. Be sure to not make your guests unexpectedly suffer and leave the scented blooms for the powder room.

3. Keep the arrangements compact. I find that holiday meals are often family style and even if you have a buffet you may have multiple glasses, salt and pepper or even candles on the table. Keep the arrangements compact and opt for several smaller ones that are movable, rather than one large piece.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Images by Ali Hartwell  for Sacramento Street

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