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As the days get shorter and talk of El Nino grows louder, I can’t help but wish hibernation was a real thing for humans. Having a biological excuse to stay inside and cozy up for months at a time sounds like a lovely idea — especially when you think about hibernating in the room above. I can’t help but to picture myself curling up amongst those lush blankets and throw pillows, coffee in hand, getting lost in a book, stack of magazines or binge-watching my favorite shows.

What makes the space is the variation of textures. Between the soft Flokati rug, faux fur throw, and knitted pieces—the space just oozes coziness to the nth degree. The dark, romantic floral art piece and the Serge Mouille-style swing arm lamps balance out the look with a touch of moodiness. I mean, if this is what hibernation looks like, sign me up (but let’s get rid of the no eating or drinking rules)

SS_Room Anatomy Cozy Whites
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Resources: Day Bed | Faux Fur Blanket | Pendant Lamp | Pillow 1 | Pillow 2 | Art | Flokati Rug | Swing Arm Wall Lamp | Moroccan Leather Pouf 

Image via Citizen Atelier | Interiors by Christine Dovey

Ali Hartwell for Sacramento Street

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