Room Anatomy: Modern Minimalist


A clean slate of a new year serves as the perfect opportunity and reminder to be mindful of the choices we make and the things we bring into our homes. This time of year, especially–I’m fully embracing the Marie Kondo Method and purging anything that fails to bring joy. Perhaps this mindset explains why I’m loving the look of this peaceful and serene, minimal bedroom.
To me this room represents the most at-ease state of mind. Can you imagine ever going to bed stressed in a room like this? Not a chance! Plus, the fewer things we allow into a space, the less opportunity there is for those things to get messed up!
Here are a few essentials to help achieve a similar modern minimalist look:
Room Anatomy_Minimal Bedroom
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Resources: “Lost at Sea” Art | Cela Pillow Cover | Geometric Vase | Oracle Table Lamp | Linen Blend Duvet Set | Pawn Stool | Fur Pillow | Palermo Chair
Image via Interior Junkie
Copy by Ali Hartwell for Sacramento Street

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  1. Catherine

    The decor looks absolutely stunning- clean and stylish!
    Such an inspiring post