Sacramento Street Smarts: Charcoal Paints


One of our 2016 themes around the studio here at Caitlin Flemming Design is BOLD MOVES we can make when it comes to interiors. This year we’re forcing ourselves outside of our comfort zones to open ourselves up to new opportunities and experiences.  

There’s no better representation of this theme in action than through bold paint choices. As a design decision that sits at the more permanent end of the spectrum, going dark can be a rather terrifying choice. But for this edition of Sacramento Street Smarts, we’re showing you the bright side of going dark and sharing our favorite charcoal colors in hopes of empowering you to take the leap!

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From accent walls to kitchen cabinetry, we love the drama and sophistication that these dark charcoal colors add to a space. Thinking of trying the look out yourself? Here are a few of our go – to paint choices when it comes taking on the dark side.

Street Smarts_CharcoalPaints

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Written by Ali Hartwell for Sacramento Street.

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