Off to Paris & Portugal

LisbonAt the end of the week, I’ll be taking a trip to Portugal for a good dose of aesthetic inspiration. I find travel as the perfect source of motivation for my design work. Seeing new places and people, I am able to expand and form the way I see the world. I’ve never been to Portugal so I look forward to seeing a new place. I can’t wait to see the azuelejo tiles and fado but I’m sure there will be things I never expected that will also leave a lasting impression.

If you have any suggestions for places to visit, I would love to hear them! I’ll share the trip with you and what I learn from this latest sojourn. Bom dia!

Photo by Daniel Faro

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  1. Dana McCaskill

    I went to Portugal before the holidays and I highly recommend the Santiago Alfama Hotel, great little
    boutique hotel in the Alfama district. I think you will love the old building and beautiful design. Even if you don’t stay there go have lunch or dinner there. Another must, is Embaixada X Concept store, housed in a Moorish bldg for 1857, it has many design stores, restaurant, gin bar, you will love it, in the same neighborhood are many great boutiques and antique stores.

    1. Caitlin

      Thanks Dana! These are amazing recommendations. I’ll be sure to share everything when I get back.

  2. keli martindale

    We went to Lisbon last summer and it was so strange being from San Francisco, (but now living in Cannes) and visiting Lisbon and seeing a miniature Golden Gate Bridge! It’s true – but it’s actually called Ponte 25 de Abril. Also, like San Francisco, they have cable cars… Take the #28 Tram – these old trolleys rattle up the hill… a real local experience not to be missed. Great shopping along the way too!

    Another interesting thing you’ll notice is all the graffiti. Lisbon has truly accepted the art form and it lends the city a cool, funky vibe. Also, inspiring is all the gorgeous shiny tiles on the exterior of all the buildings – just amazing! Our hotel, the Fontecruz was one of those buildings and had super service, great rooms all in a perfect location.

    Lastly, for eats: Try the famous pastries at Pasteis de Belem (if you don’t mind waiting in line, but worth it!!) And, for an excellent modern fish restaurant with an Asian twist – some of the best fish I’ve EVER had – try Sea Me -

    Lisbon was really interesting, the people very friendly, and you can’t beat a place that has fresh sardines on the grill with a cold beer – especially after climbing up one of the many hills – just divine!

    Have fun!!

    1. Caitlin

      Keli – thank you so much for these recommendations! They have been amazing so far. Going to Pasteis de Belem tomorrow!

  3. Rita Rosa

    Hi Caitlin.
    I live in Lisbon witch makes it even harder for me to advise something 🙂
    First of all you need to have a day to go to Sintra the village where I was born. It’s magical, poetic, mysterious. It will take you 30 min by train.
    As for Lisbon, definitely Embaixada (as Dana suggested) in Principe Real, also LXFactory in Alcantâra is a good stop to shop and eat, on your way to Belem for the famous pastel de belem, and also to see all the historical buildings nearby.
    Baixa, Terreiro do Paço and Chiado is also very nice to have a walk, you have to tried Santini the best ice-cream in the world, they have a shop in Chiado and one in Museu dos Coches, a must see Museum in Belem neighborhood.
    Also if you want to experience Fado Music, you should try Clube do Fado near Sé de Lisboa, I only went there once with Melody Gardot and she says it’s the best, the girl knows music!
    Alfama and Castelo is nice to see the old Lisbon.
    Hope you enjoy your stay, the weather is awful right now, but I think you will enjoy the city anyway

    1. Caitlin

      Rita – many thanks for all of these amazing Lisbon spots. We walked through Baixa, Terreiro do Paco and Chiado today. Its was magical! Off to Alfama tomorrow!