Room Anatomy: Black & White Bath


Dreamy bathrooms must comprise approximately 75% of all my pins on Pinterest. And for good reason—if done right, the bathroom can be the most relaxing spot in a home. In addition to the crucial functions of a bathroom, the solitude it offers is equally important, so I think it’s definitely worth it to give this room some design love. 

The bathroom above has all the fixings of a perfect bathroom: clawfoot tub, subway tile, marble countertops, brass fixtures, Moroccan rug… a true sanctuary! Want to replicate the look for your bathroom? Here’s a roundup of items to help you achieve the look.

Room Anatomy_B&W Bath2


Faucet | Bath Caddy | Clawfoot Tub | Potted Lavender | Brass Hardware | Aesop Reverence Duet | “Rain II” Artwork | Vintage Moroccan Rug | White Towels

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Image via Camille Styles

Written by Ali Hartwell for Sacramento Street.

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