Outdoor Room with a View

Caitlin Flemming x TargetFor those of us living in a city, outdoor space can be minimal or nonexistent. Here in San Francisco, even the largest of homes often have small garden spaces. As a result, we have become creative on how to carve a space in the fresh air. Many gardens are often on the roofs of homes.

Recently, I helped a client spruce up her rooftop garden. All she had was the sectional – a completely blank palette to work with! We bought new plants and accessories to make the space feel like an outdoor living room. Having just completed decorating their home in primarily black, white, and grey, we kept with this theme outside as well. A comfortable sofa was already there but we wanted to freshen it up with pillows, candles, and of course, a few throws for when the fog rolls in.




Caitlin Flemming x Target Caitlin Flemming x Target

Items used for makeover:

Yarn Dyed Throw | Metallic Seal Case | Outdoor Fabric Pouf | Lumbar Pillow | Solar Lantern – Small | Solar Lantern – Large | Outdoor Ikat Pillow in Black | Zig Zag Embroidered Pillow | Stripe Throw | Vintage Clear Bulb String Lights with Gold Bottom

Caitlin Flemming x Target Caitlin Flemming x Target Caitlin Flemming x Target Caitlin Flemming x TargetI couldn’t believe the amazing items we were able to find that finished off this rooftop deck. We started with black and white pillows from Target. This added the visual texture to the space as did the throws with a geometric design. We were also able to use a striped vase and hurricane lamp. The great thing (for those who have very little time) is that we were able to find everything at Target.

CFxTargetRT 35 CFxTargetRT 4Now the space is inviting for an evening sipping wine or a Sunday brunch. And I think it ended up looking perfect! I guess you don’t need a lot of space to enjoy the outdoors – just enough to create your own little retreat!

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Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street

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