Room Anatomy: Black & White Airy Dining Room


We fell head over heels the first time we laid eyes on this airy, monochromatic dining space. Between the bright white walls and floors, we imagine the dining experience here to be similar to that of dining on a cloud. The Koushi lights and mix of rustic and modern elements make this space feels like an updated and chic twist on beach decor. If you find yourself as inspired by this look as we are, we’ve rounded up a few pieces to help you achieve something similar:

Room Anatomy TemplateResources:

Koushi Light | African Baskets | Dining Table | Floor Mirror | Bench | Monstera Plant | Candle Holders | Antique Pottery | Dining Chair

One of the keys to achieving this look is the playful variation of scale. A tasteful amount of oversized pieces (we’re loving the giant pottery!) can serve to add a healthy dose of visual interest. We also love the look of double floor mirrors to give the illusion of more space.

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Image via Honestly WTF

Written by Ali Hartwell for Sacramento Street

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