Blooms in Season: Peony Season

Blooms in Season - Peony SeasonPeonies are the one flower that comes into season and BAM it can be found being documented everywhere. There is a reason – they start closer so tightly but eventually open up into a stunning bloom that changes hues as they get older. Since it’s peony season Natalie could miss the chance to design an arrangement centered around the most popular flower. It turned out stunning! Read on to get her tips on peonies.

Blooms in Season - Peony Season Blooms in Season - Peony Season1) Once your peonies are purchased do you have steps you follow?
Always give your flowers a fresh snip and most times you will notice that the blooms open up pretty quickly. Many times they have been picked weeks earlier and in cold storage until the time you buy them, so once they hydrate they open nicely.

2) Sometimes peonies take a long time or open up too fast – do you have any tips for speeding up or slowing down the blooming process?
If my peonies are in tight balls when I get them, I will put them in warm water in a warm room and lightly massage their petals to get them to open faster. You can also remove the exterior petals that are closest to the stem to encourage them open.

Blooms in Season - Peony Season Blooms in Season - Peony Season3) Are there any maintenance tips with peonies?
Peonies just want water and they are pretty low maintenance and don’t need any special needs. It’s all about water and temperature for them, so if you want them to last longer, put them in a cooler space.

4) Everyone loves peony season but if they can’t be found for that special occasion, what do you suggest substituting them with?
Peonies are so special but there are fluffy substitutes all year long. Some of my favorites are garden roses, dahlias, football mums and ranunculus.

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Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Images by Caitlin Flemming for Sacramento Street

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