How to Create an Effortless Picnic at the Beach

Beach PicnicAt times it’s hard to believe it’s summer in San Francisco. This is the time of year that the fog rolls into the city and rarely burns off in our neighborhood. Regardless, there are times I am willing to bundle up for some time outdoors.

Beach Picnic Beach PicnicI decided to ignore the fog and pretend it felt like summer and planned an outdoor picnic at Baker Beach here at the edge of the city. To be honest – I chose a perfect day. We saw dolphins who were so close it looked like we could reach out and touch them! There were fishermen and a few dog walkers, but we were some of the few people enjoying this outdoor treasure.

Beach Picnic Beach Picnic Beach Picnic If I had needed to prepare this picnic from scratch, I might never have actually get it together to invite friends to share a simple meal. Instead, I bought the items already prepared. I picked up delicious open-faced sandwiches at Tartine Bakery and also put together a cheese board with all of my go-to goodies (see this post for details on cheese board essentials).

Beach Picnic Beach Picnic Beach Picnic - 14Beach PicnicJust because I wasn’t home (where we have zero outdoor space), didn’t mean I had to use paper plates. I pulled out some of my favorite favorite blue and white dishes from Elsie Green. They were a mix of different patterns that looked so pretty together. I also brought a beautiful remnant of fabric from Elsie to use as a tablecloth/blanket for everyone to sit on. I even brought some of my houseplants to make it feel a little bit more special. And to make the setting more comfortable for friends, I brought along my favorite striped pillows from Studio McGee and the blue series pillows from Citizenry. It was comfortable, intimate, and had a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Can’t get much better than that!

Beach PicnicBeach Picnic Sometimes, we have to take pause from our hectic life and take a few minutes to spend time with the people we love.

Photography by Delbarr Moradi

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  1. Kelly

    Gorgeous!! Love this idea – and all the blue hues! So spot on 🙂 Where are the placemats from?