6 Tips on Cooking a Fool-Proof Turkey

friendsgiving-1Each year as I sit down to create my Thanksgiving menu one thing crosses my mind – I hope the turkey turns out this year. Am I the only one that finds it incredibly intimidating? From what size turkey to order, to how to season it, to if we should stuff the turkey, all the many decisions to make. Every other dish – no problem but the turkey is another story. That’s why this year I went to my girlfriend Jessica to ask her if she had any tips on cooking a fool-proof turkey (she cooked the one pictured above!). Lucky for us, she’s sharing six tips she lives by when cooking her bird each year. So without futher ado – here are her tips!

 6 Tips on Cooking a Fool-Proof Turkey

Tips on Cooking the Perfect Turkey

  1. Always make sure your bird is fully defrosted and room temp before going in the oven. This can be achieved in a sanitary way by stopping your sink up and letting the bird sit in room temp water, while still in it’s package for 30 minutes before you unwrap and season.
  2. Always season the cavity of the bird as well as the outside, which will flavor the bird from the inside out.
  3. Keep the bird elevated on a rack while roasting so it does not sit in it’s drippings.
  4. Roast low and slow (about 300 degrees) for approx: 15 min per pound.
  5. Most important and most often skipped. Let the roast bird rest a minimum of 35 minutes, (I have let mine rest for an hour and it’s still piping hot! Rest the bird uncovered. You don’t want that beautiful crispy skin to steam!
  6. Lastly, remain calm and don’t get intimidated. Remember: It’s just a big chicken.

More Thanksgiving recipes from Jessica will be coming your way tomorrow – they are delicious!

Photography by delbarr moradi | Food by Jessica Robertson

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  1. Jo

    Stuff it with your favorite fresh herbs and citrus I use oranges most often or mix of lemon and oranges. A client of the firm I worked at suggested this and it adds an amazing subtle flavor. I also cook it in a Reynolds cooking bag. I know people say it steams but I have to cover it half way through so that it doesn’t get too brown easy clean up if you line the roaster in foil. Lay the turkey on additional citrus onion and celery slices.