Eat Local: Petit Crenn

Eat Local: Petit CrennI’ve been writing often during the holidays about shopping locally, but another great way to support your local community is to also choose small local restaurants to frequent as you make your holiday plans. It’s always fun to find a new gem to try out with friends or family and it can also contribute to the success of small and local restaurants.

Eat Local: Petit Crenn Eat Local: Petit CrennToday I’m featuring Petit Crenn, a neighborhood restaurant located in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley. Chef Dominique Crenn’s mother and grandmother, as well as her hometown of Brittany, France inspired Petit Crenn. I love the cool and inviting atmosphere that is created in Petit Crenn – neutral colors and sleek design are a reprieve from your busy holiday schedule.

Eric and I love going to Petit Crenn for the seven-course meal, which is offered by reservation twice an evening, but you can also order a la carte at the Chef’s Counter without a reservation. Be sure to try the gnocchi – they are the best I’ve ever had!

Eat Local: Petit CrennEat Local: Petit CrennEat Local: Petit CrennAnd here’s what is great about eating locally. Find out why I #shopsmall with American Express at my favorite local businesses, including my favorite restaurants. When you eat at local restaurants, you could receive more rewards when you use an enrolled American Express Card to pay through 12/31 thanks to @AmericanExpress. Go here to enroll and visit  their map here to see if your favorite restaurant qualifies or to get a great list of small local places to both eat and shop at. It’s a win-win situation when you get extra rewards and your local shops and restaurants benefit from your patronage. Happy Holidays!

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