Tips on Traveling Well (+ A Giveaway)

As someone who values travel in her life, I also love the art of traveling well. I always travel relatively light – I can use a carry on for a two-week trip. That being said, I love to have everything organized and I spend a great deal of time figuring out how to best do this.

Here are some tips for traveling well

  • I always bring a wrap/throw to have on the airplane. I steer away from those airline blankets (too many potential germs). I have several of the throws from St Frank (that I use as a shawl) in black, gray, and recently I got one in cream. They’re great on the plane but are also a perfect way to spruce up an outfit for evening. I don’t leave home without one.
  • I also like to have several cosmetic bags to put medication, cosmetics, and even snacks in. You never know when you might need them. I love how the mud cloth travel clutch goes so perfectly with the larger clutch size (again, my “bag within a bag” belief).
  • Be sure to have a good book. Have you read A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles? If not, this is a book you may want to pick up. It was such a heart-warming story. I also just started Commonwealth by Ann Patchett and I can’t put it down.
  • Finally, always buy water for the airplane. Staying hydrated is one of the essential things for warding off jet lag.

The good news is that we are having a giveaway. You can enter to win the St Frank throw and Mud Cloth Travel Clutch that I have pictured. All you need to do is:

    1. Follow both St Frank and myself on Instagram
    2. Comment below about what how you travel well and you’ll be eligible to win

Please note that by entering the contest you agree to receive promotional emails from St. Frank.

A winner will be selected on Monday, August 14th!

The core to St. Frank’s mission is their two-fold social mission:

Supporting economic empowerment for artisans
Preserving traditional artisanal craft

They accomplish this through partnering with entrepreneurial artisan organizations that transform the communities in which they work by providing quality jobs, training, and other holistic support to artisans. They collaborate with partners to tell the story of the historical and cultural context of each unique piece. Textiles are the most universal and yet diverse art form – and their pieces are celebrated as such. I personally love the variety they have and each piece is so versatile! Be sure to check out their website or visit them soon at their San Francisco store or the pop-up store in the Hamptons.


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  1. Jennette

    Where are you supposed to tag two friends?

  2. Michelle

    I love this! I travel well by packing neutrals that can work with everything and never checking a bag.

  3. Priscila Gonzalez

    I like to travel with YL thieves, peppermint, lavender, digize and peace and calming essential oils. If anyone needs a little support we are ready to fight it off with a fast recovery. I don’t travel without them. They have saved us from taking a trip to the doctor when out of town.

  4. Cait

    I pack a bar of good, dark chocolate in my bag. Whether a plane delay or just because, it’s the perfect treat.

  5. Annette

    Travel with a smile 🙂 Don’t take out travel delays on anyone…stuff happens…relax and your trip shall happen!

  6. Annette Ross

    Travel with a smile 🙂 Don’t take out travel delays on anyone. Relax and your trip shall happen!

  7. Christina Marie Interiors

    I always bring lots of neutrals that can mix and match and comfy slip ons for the plane!

  8. Jackie

    I haven’t traveled much this year with a new babe, but when I do, I always bring a water bottle (tip: most airports in the US have a fill up station, which prevents you from throwing away a perfectly good bottle during security checks). Another is, always bring a pair of socks. I hate being caught in the airport walking barefoot through security. Lastly, bring a bag (or pillowcase) within your bag to keep dirty clothes separate from the fresh.

  9. Lauren S

    I always make sure to bring snacks, tea bags, and a travel coffee cup when I travel. Any coffee shop at the airport will fill your mug with hot water (usually for free! NY excluded) and then you can have ginger tea inflight.

  10. Meegan colgan

    A scarf is a must- for cold AC on the plane! Everything in a carry on, no matter the destination, to minimize stress and overpacking. Water and headphones, a tote for on the plane and day time and clutches for night. And patience!!!

  11. Olivia

    I always take off with a big scarf, eye mask, and fully charged kindle. Also, I always order Bloody Mary mix, for some reason it makes me feel like the vacation has begun!

  12. Amy

    That throw is so comfy looking, it would make any flight better! I want to win;)

  13. Sarah G

    Travel light so you don’t feel too encumbered, and eat (relatively) healthy so that you feel good. Don’t have a jam packed schedule planned; have plenty of free time to explore, meander, and relax!

  14. Starla

    So many great tips and tricks for traveling well. I have to have a great book and also headphones are essential. I have also started bringing facial masks and eye masks while I rest. They help so much with the puffiness under eyes! Of course I follow both of you on insta. Username: _ifancythat


  15. Hannah

    When traveling, I like to bring along a little sketchbook journal and draw out our adventures each day. Every night before bed we pass the book around and everyone makes a little entry to remember some of the smaller (but equally as important) things about each day. Taking photos is always the go-to way to document a trip, but some of the sweetest memories are brought back by looking at these drawings years down the road. It’s a travel tip and tradition I will always do!

  16. Julianne

    Hi there! I travel internationally for work quite frequently, and it only took a few flights around the globe to hone in my travel techniques for a well-equipped and cozy flight. To start, I try to only travel with a carry on -let’s face it, baggage lines after a 12 hour flight are never ideal. If it’s a longer trip, I’ll book an Airbnb with a washer & dryer, and pack mix & match basics. For the flight, I pack larabars as a healthy alternative to airline food, and drink as much water as possible. To get as much rest as possible, I rely on noise cancelling headphones, ear plugs, and a silk eye mask. I love love love Slip’s silk sleep mask – the silk is lovely luxury to have during the harsh conditions of a plane, and also really helps me sleep during my trip & fight jet lag. I always bring a wrap for the plane, too – it’s so multifunctional on the flight and during the trip. Similar to you, I love a good pouch, too, and pack several to keep electronics, toiletries, etc. organized. Hope this helps! 🙂

    1. Julianne

      oops – instagram is @jmadethis 🙂

  17. Alex Golden

    Great tips! I’m definitely eyeing a St Frank throw. My #1 travel necessity are my Bose headphones. There’s nothing better than blocking out the airplane’s hum and the other passengers’ ambient noise.

  18. elizabeth w

    I travel well by keeping my wardrobe simple and drinking tons of water! my insta is @bbgliz

  19. Gina

    Love this. Stuff working on my travel game, but a beautiful shawl would help!

  20. Yocelin

    Love to travel with a scarf that I can use as a pillow, or blanket 🙂 or to put my son to sleep.

  21. Diana

    I always travel with a nice treat for myself if I’m squirreled away for work travel. It could be a nice face mask, a favorite snack or tea. Small & simple is key.

  22. Jennifer

    I keep my toiletry/makeup bag ready to go, less to gather together and think about when it’s time to pack!

  23. Alexis

    I only pack what I can bring in a carry on and large tote. That way everything I need is there when I arrive and I can get around easily. Also – great smelling antibacterial wipes are a must to wipe down the try and armrests!

  24. Carolsue

    I bring my Kindle so I can read during all the delays! And I pack light. Very light.

    1. Carolsue

      I forgot – Instagram name is @Cezovski9

  25. Kate

    I always make packing lists ahead of time in Evernote (starting from a similar trip as a template) and plan outfits in a unified color palette that can be mixed and matched easily. I love traveling light!

  26. Bronwyn Burnett

    The best is if you fall asleep on the plane.

  27. Lynn

    The scarf looks luxurious!!!

  28. Martha Susan

    Water, Water, Water….and I travel in comfy close-toed shoes!

  29. Julie

    For me, traveling well is about the travel. My advice is not to feel like you have to have the “guidebook” experience. You don’t have to hit all (or any) of the tourist, or shopping, or even cultural spots to say you’ve “been there.” Find a neighborhood you love and explore that. Slip into some smaller shops. Visit a restaurant tucked down a side street. Let the journey be your guide.

  30. Cindy A.

    Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I travel well by packing items to distract myself during stressful flights (favorite book, treats, etc.)

    Instagram: @norma_watson

  31. Raquel

    To make sure that I am well nourished on a long flight (and to avoid over salted airline food), I take snacks, placed in ziplock bags and tucked into my carry on: almonds, carrot sticks, dried papaya (yummy), a Cliff bar or two, etc. I even take a small bag of sliced cucumbers (seeds removed) which I put into a glass of water for a refreshing drink.

  32. manda

    Comfy, no stress clothing helps.

  33. Sharon

    I think of everything I *think* I will need and then try and reduce by half. I’m usually glad I did. I also keep a book handy when traveling. instagram: @rusthawk1

  34. Shauna

    I always bring a few snacks! Keeps me busy and full 🙂

  35. Madeline O'Connor

    Water water water! For your face (in a rosewater spray) and tons of water to drink! Love these products — so pretty!