September Moodboard

September has brought summertime vibes in a HUGE way here in San Francisco. We not only had 100+ degree weather, but we’ve continued to have warm temperatures each and every day. I keep looking up into the sky for the fog to roll in but it’s not coming. I keep saying “where is the fog?” and Jackson responds “mama, it’s hiding!” – yes, it is!

This warm weather brings a more relaxed start to the fall season. I keep thinking I should be dressing up since I’m back to work but I can’t bring myself to do so in the heat. While I do love some warm weather, I’ve always been more of a cold weather gal – layers are my best friend. Is anyone with me?

Indian summer has arrived and it doesn’t look as though it’s going anywhere – so I’m embracing it and settling into a more chill vibe this month. All of this has made me appreciate a slower pace to life – something I might continue onto the hectic next few months that ahead.

What’s inspiring you this month?

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